Marc Schrefel

About me

I am Marc Schrefel

Hey, I'm currently in the IMS, a Software Engineer school based in switzerland. I like to Code and play videogames in my freetime.

My services

Web Design

Responsive websites are very important in this day and age. I create for you the website you want.

E-Sports Coach

Every successful e-sportsman needs a coach. I myself was in the e-sports game for years and have a lot of experience. Whether Fornite, Valorant or Rocketleague and much more.

App Design

Do you want your own app. Then you've come to the right place. We create the perfect app for you

My skills

My creative skills & experiences.

I have been in the web design field for several years and am improving every day. I always try to keep up with the times and do my best.

HTML 70%
CSS 70%
JavaScript 50%
TypeScript 50%
AfterEffects 70%
Photoshop 60%


Marc Schrefel