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Mischa Heeb

About me

My name is Mischa Heeb. I was born on 6th January 2004. I'm currently a student of computer science at the Kantonsschule am Brühl in St. Gallen. In my free time I like to develop videogames and compose music.
I have loved music since I was little. I joined the choir when I was six and have been a member for twelve years now. During this time I went to singing lessons every week for two days. I also learned to play an electric guitar and piano. Later I bought the program FL Studio, with which I still create music today.
In secondary school I came across game development, which immediately fascinated me. I watched many YouTube tutorials about Unity, with the goal of developing a small game myself. After a lot of time invested, I could finally present the first small game to my friends. Because it turned out so well, I tried my hand at the next project.




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